Apple bans unofficial Corona virus applications from its store
Apple bans unofficial Corona virus applications from its store

Apple is tightening requirements for all new Corona virus applications to ensure the health and safety information is correct in its application store. Apple has released a developer statement on its blog explaining the application review process for a global epidemic that affects nearly every aspect of life in the world.

The company began cracking down on applications related to the spread of the new Coruna virus earlier this month, and rejected requests from four developers to show statistics from countries where the disease cases have been confirmed. It is called an epidemic.

Apple said in a statement that it will only accept applications for emerging halo virus-related companies, such as governments and health-oriented NGOs, companies with high health concerns, and medical or educational institutions. To ensure data reliability.

The company added in a statement: "Companies around the world rely on applications as a reliable news source to help users stay informed about health innovations and get help when they get help." Do you need it or how do you make it available to your neighbors? Help This commitment is now more important in the war against the world. "The Epidemic (COVID-19)".

Apple's move comes after the White House called earlier this week that technology companies helped prevent media misinformation about the new Corona virus from spreading online when fake online accounts broadcast celebrities and celebrity treatments about how the virus appeared, the potential infection method for rumors of error . Potential.

Apple also blocks entertainment apps and games related to emerging corona viruses. Developers must select the "Sensitive Time" option when sending licensed apps to the app store to speed up the approval process. Apple is exempt from nonprofits that participate in such activities. Membership fees for government institutions and bodies. Development of applications related to epidemics.

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