There is an add-on in the App Store to speed up your search
There is an add-on in the App Store to speed up your search

Apple has around 2 million apps to download from the App Store, so it's been working hard to make them discoverable and the company is working hard to make searching the store faster.

Apple has added a new search suggestion feature to the App Store in the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom, making it easier for millions of iOS users to find apps.

After you enter the search term, the App Store tries to predict what you're looking for and suggests words. Clicking on it will narrow your search results and make finding certain types of apps faster.

With this method, Apple is reducing the amount of typing by replacing it with faster clicks on the screen.

As part of testing, search suggestions were shown on some iPhones in early April. However, the feature should now be available on all iPhones in supported regions.

The question of using search suggestions is very simple. If you are looking for an app that can help you make pizza, you can type "pizza" in the App Store search bar, followed by other words like "make," "order," or "calculator."

Choosing one of these suggestions might filter your results further so that the Selection Calculator displays an app that can be used to calculate the correct proportions of pizza dough ingredients.

Not all searches allow you to set multiple suggestions at this point, and not every search shows candidates for the suggestions.

Ads that Apple originally added to the App Store Search in 2016 will continue to appear in search queries.

These ads are likely to be criticized by the App Store because independent developers should not compete with Uber's advertising budget and competing apps should not buy ads that appear before the products. Apple will take advantage of this.

Every search engine change brings winners and losers, and it is not clear if this change makes it easier or more difficult for smaller developers to gain greater visibility, but it should apply to everyone who uses the search engine. Business applications feature.

Apple said 70% of App Store users rely on search to find apps. Therefore, this feature can have a huge impact on discoverability and it can have a positive impact on revenue for some developers.

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