Instagram is developing a new payment method called Rewards
Instagram is developing a new payment method called Rewards

Facebook always seems to be trying to capitalize on Instagram's attempt to clone from other platforms to prevent TikTok's rapid rise.

Last November, Snapchat launched a feature called Spotlight, which is a brief summary of Tik Tok-like videos on a special tab in the Snapchat app.

Facebook's Instagram has the advantage of similar reels, but the main difference from Spotlight is that Snap pays the best Spotlight content creators $ 1 million per day to gain attention.

This method works fine. Today 125 million Snapchat users visit Spotlight every month, and some creators charge for their Spotlight clips.

Since app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi discovered this ad screen in the app code, Instagram now wants to introduce a similar payment program.

According to the photo, Instagram is testing a new rewards program that focuses on boosting roles and allowing users to earn rewards from Instagram for sharing new role content.

Then it appears that you have to reach a certain limit of rewards in order to use the program, and creators can also use various rewards.

The notice doesn't indicate that users are receiving cash payments from the program, but it appears to be in line with Snapchat's Spotlight method of paying select content creators for their contributions to Reels, even though they appear to be relying on downloads instead, engagement or quality.

Over the past five years, Facebook's product development guidelines have become the core of competitors' replication capabilities.

When a platform publishes something viable, it turns out to be only a matter of time before Facebook clones it, and due to its enormous impact, it is usually possible to remove competition in this way.

On TikTok in particular, Facebook was unable to slow down the development momentum of the Chinese platform because it bypassed duplicates of its functionality in order to further develop to the next platform network with 1 billion users.

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