Apple HomePod device overheating
Apple HomePod device overheating

Since the beta version of the operating system caused the smart speaker to overheat, some Apple HomePod owners are experiencing problems and in some cases the motherboard has been irreparably damaged.

Experiments are usually distributed to people who want to test their errors and are willing to take the risk of using a potentially unstable version.

Although some experiences are better than others. However, this does not exclude the possibility of a defective copy that can destroy the hardware.

Apple released beta versions for its various software platforms last month, with iOS 15 coming out later this year.

Unlike the Developer Beta and Public Beta for iPhone, iPad, and even Apple TV, HomePod speakers aren't publicly available and can only be accessed by invitation.

However, it appears that many users can access the beta version of HomePod. This way they can test the new features of the HomePod.

Some of them are now experiencing various hardware and software issues with HomePods. Although some of the reported issues were due to Siri suddenly stopping responding. All errors can be caused by hardware problems.

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HomePod is having problems

Most reports indicate that the speakers have become very hot. And some HomePods will automatically shut down due to overheating. But other users who have turned on the speakers have reported seeing a damaged logic board.

This caused problems for affected users because the Apple warranty does not cover damage caused by using the trial version.

This means that these HomePods must be repaired by a third-party or Apple authorized service center.

Customers using the OS 15 Beta audio operating system with HomePods are advised to turn off their devices while they wait for Apple to fix it.

Those who have not updated should stay away from the beta until the issue is resolved. This is because if you have any issues, you cannot go back to the previous version of the HomePod software.

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