Google wants to be a copy of Apple
Google wants to be a copy of Apple

While Google has enormous financial resources, it can only be compared to certain companies in the world. But it is too late to enter the smartphone market.

Its hardware is not very competitive and its specifications are often very poor and cannot be compared to other leading Android and iPhone devices.

Apple is trying to attract consumers through innovation, whether it's software or hardware. But most people who buy Google Pixel phones buy them to learn about the new features in the Android operating system that are specifically sent to Google phones at launch.

Google is building a whole suite to support the development of its devices

Not only does Google seem satisfied with the development of the Android operating system, but it wants to build its own ecosystem similar to Apple, as a recent report indicates that the company is preparing to open its own complex. Silicon Valley supports the internal development of similar devices at Apple's headquarters called Apple Park.

More than $389 million was spent building this complex, which includes administrative offices and a research and development center. In addition to a new pavilion accessible to the public, the three industrial buildings also house some stores from the hardware department, including Nest products.

The plan also indicated that the complex has a division called Midpoint, which is responsible for developing branded hardware, including products such as the Pixel series of mobile phones.

The company switched to hardware

Google has focused most of its energy on developing its core business models for advertising, services, and cloud storage. Equipment makes up a relatively small percentage of companies' income.

However, several recent initiatives seem to indicate that it will pay more attention to hardware in the future.

These initiatives include:

  •     Some reports claim that the upcoming Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro phones will be a stronger competitor to the current flagship phones for the first time.
  •     The company has announced that the upcoming Pixel 6 line of phones will feature a new processor called the GS101. This trend is similar to that of Apple, which is building its own processor into its phones and devices.
  •     Complete the acquisition of Fitbit and enter the smartwatch market with mature products.
  •     The first physical store was opened in New York, USA to sell products directly to the public.

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