How to clean headphones professionally
How to clean headphones professionally

When you use headphones all day, they absorb heat in your ear canal and dissolve the wax that melts the wax inside the earbud and attract dust and bacteria, so you need to clean these earbuds regularly to keep them as long as possible. keep.

How to clean Apple AirPods

According to Apple, the main tip when cleaning different AirPod models is to avoid getting in water.

Or wipe it gently with a cloth dampened with clean water, then wipe it with a soft, dry, lint-free cloth.

Before returning the headset to the charging case, make sure it is completely dry and all parts of the headset are free of moisture.

You can prepare a paper towel or medical paper towel with a small amount of alcohol, and then wipe it gently without pressing hard on the earpiece.

Dry cotton swabs are the best tool for cleaning microphones and speakers.

Speaking of earplugs: You can wash them with lukewarm water, dispense with soap and household cleaning products and dry them immediately afterwards.

You can also use a soft, dry, lint-free cloth for the shipping case. You can moisten it a little with alcohol. However, do not allow liquid to enter the charging port.

You can also clean the charging port with a clean, dry, soft brush and make sure the case is completely dry before restarting the headset.

How to clean Galaxy Buds

Samsung provides a comprehensive guide on how to clean various Galaxy Buds models. And the cleaning method for all Galaxy Buds is pretty much the same.

In this process, it is first disassembled and its tip removed from the ear tip first by moving it evenly and not by force. Then wipe the charging contacts with a clean, soft cloth, as deposits of sweat or moisture can attack them.

For Galaxy Buds Live users, they should remove the notification, which is the small rubber band that surrounds the audio output. Then use a lint-free cotton swab and a dry, soft toothbrush to clean the ear pads and tips.

You need to do this slowly and steadily to make sure you remove earwax, oil, and other debris. Samsung warns against using wired or wired brushes.

You can clean the inside of the headphone head with a soft, dry cloth, and you have to be careful as the focus is on cleaning the inside without adding anything.

You can also use the same cloth to clean the charging case. When you're done, you can return the earbuds to their original location to continue listening.

How to clean Pixel Buds

Although Google Pixel Buds have IPX4 water and sweat resistant features. However, in addition to trying to clean with chemical detergents and washing powder, the company recommends that you avoid cleaning in liquid or running water.

Instead, Google recommends cleaning the earbuds and charging case with a soft, dry, lint-free cloth.

For scratches and debris, the company recommends wetting the cloth or using a slightly damp cotton swab without squeezing it while wiping, especially near the earphone hole.

Another soft toothbrush is another Google-recommended tool that you can operate through the microphone and headphone jack. Then slide the bristles in and out to ensure that accumulated dirt is removed from the hole, rather than just spreading. So make sure the headphones are completely dry before putting them back in the charging case.

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