Facebook removes Zuckerberg from the scene and attacks
Facebook removes Zuckerberg from the scene and attacks

A large number of internal Facebook files were recently leaked, and the person responsible for the leak later announced that she was Frances Hogan and the company's project manager.

The leaked information included an assertion that Facebook tolerates the mental health of teens in exchange for content that encourages user interaction, no matter how harmful it may be. In addition to the company's internal research into the damage the Instagram platform has done to its users.

Of course, the company has denied these allegations outright. But it took the worst possible approach to solve this problem. He hides the image of Mark Zuckerberg on the one hand and slanders Francis Haugen on the other.

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Experts say Facebook's strategy has never worked. Because US Senator Edward Markey called Frances Hogan "the American heroine of the twenty-first century." The United States of America is very grateful for that.”

As mentioned above, the disclosed documents are essentially real internal company documents. It demonstrates the company's continued preference for profit and growth rather than being satisfied with the personal health of users and potential harm (particularly children and adolescents).

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Facebook attacks whistleblowers

The company's official statement read: "Today's Senate Commerce Subcommittee heard from a former project manager of the company. He worked less than two years and had no greater authority. Never received a direct report. Besides, he never participated. Through important meetings.

The statement revealed that Facebook tried to discredit Hogan unless his name was revealed. The company implicitly described her as an insignificant employee who could not speak out against corruption at all. It also means that she is untrustworthy despite having documentation to support her claims.

The company also said: "We don't agree with how it described some of the issues it spoke about at the hearing. This means that the company believes that Haugen lied about what you said.

"However, we all agree that now is the best time to enact a new Internet law, as the current law is 25 years old," the company said.

The incident, and especially the company's testimony, showed us that Facebook had no evidence to refute the Haugen disclosures. Because if she had proof, it would have been revealed a long time ago. Society also tends to attack and belittle Hoogen.

Samid Chakrabarti, a former director of Facebook's citizen security teamsaid Facebook's allegations are false. This is because he is the manager of the team that Francis works on within the company.

Mark Zuckerberg may not have escalated the situation in the photo that far, with the source describing the situation as being "hidden" by the company. In fact, Mark Zuckerberg is considered the most important decision maker for the company and bears a certain responsibility in these events.

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