Corona virus plot spreads and spreads on WhatsApp
Corona virus plot spreads and spreads on WhatsApp

Due to the recent Corona virus epidemic, WhatsApp has spread a lot of rumors, and since many users are accustomed to such disasters and emergencies, this is not surprising.

The Facebook app exchanges information with friends and family, and asks people to drink hot soup to stop the aura virus, or hold their breath for 15 seconds to test for an infection, contrary to medical advice from officials.

The emerging coronavirus crisis, which has killed nearly 9,000 people worldwide and threatened the economic crisis with millions of others, goes hand-in-hand with the "public" misleading described by the World Health Organization.

In recent days, social networks like Facebook and Twitter have announced measures to prevent users from spreading misleading information about the emerging Corona Virus, including rejecting expert advice and promoting fake remedies.

However, spreading rumors in instant messaging apps is difficult because it is difficult to monitor and prevent the spread of content, especially among family members and friends. After rumors of WhatsApp platform sparked a wave of violence in India in 2018, WhatsApp had limited by the number of users who could exchange messages.

WhatsApp, which has more than 2 billion users worldwide, announced on Wednesday that it has launched a service in cooperation with the World Health Organization and other United Nations organizations to share official health guidelines on coronavirus. WhatsApp President (Will Cathchart) said that the platform also donated $ 1 million to investigative organizations "to support their vital efforts to reject the rumors."

Even with official moves and warnings, news is spreading quickly, indicating conspiracy theories and phone-based medical advice continue to spread on the Internet, raising concerns about the risk of catching some false suggestions.

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