Technology companies fight misinformation about the Corona virus
Technology companies fight misinformation about the Corona virus

Several of the world's largest social media companies have announced that they will jointly respond to misinformation surrounding the development of the aura virus and disease epidemic. This stems from a shared online advertisement supported by a shared advertisement from Reddit and Twitter signed by Facebook, Google, YouTube, Microsoft and LinkedIn.

"We help millions of people stay in touch, fight fraud and misinformation about viruses, enhance the presence of reliable content on the platform, coordinate critical updates and share them with medical institutions from all over the world and invite other companies to join us. To make our community healthy and safe." "

At the time of the joint statement, social media companies were under tremendous pressure to remove fake coronary treatments, false test methods, and other inaccurate or misleading claims from social media platforms.

Both Facebook and Twitter have taken steps to block content related to emerging potentially harmful corona viruses, and the two companies have said they will show information from government agencies when searching for terms related to the new corona virus.

Google has announced a 24/7 team to respond to the Corona virus incident, saying it not only improves accurate information for health authorities, but also removes incorrect information from search results and YouTube - a video platform.

Google's sister company Verily launched an incomplete site after President Donald Trump announced the website before it was finished, and was intended to lure Americans into testing the site.

The World Health Organization has described a large amount of fake news as "a lot of information related to problems that make it difficult to solve", a test of the ability of technology companies to effectively reduce the spread of misinformation.

Newsguard evaluated websites for their reliability, and in early March it said users had posted links to fraudulent medical websites on social media platforms in the past 90 days, which is 142 times the number of official website links. Such as: who they are and who they are.

Facebook, Google and Twitter platforms have been criticized by lawmakers and critics, who said that before the new Corona virus spread, the community had not taken enough steps to remove the damage in other situations, such as eliminating violent extremism, electronics persecution, political advertising and misleading content.

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